our impact

At Kidversity, we want children to have so much fun in school that they can’t wait to arrive each morning. The excitement of children at our school is the result of a team effort. Each one of our teachers is passionate about molding children into life long learners. They truly care about children, and have the compassion and knowledge to recognize a child’s individual developmental needs and learning styles.


get involved

Parent Involvment

You are invited to join us anytime to participate in your child's day! Come have lunch with us, read a book to the children, join us on a field trip. We encourage your participation!

Community Involvment

KidVersity connects with our community. We help young children learn about where they live by inviting local experts, such as firefighters, librarians, dentists, veterinarians, etc. to share their role in the community and explain their important job. If you are able to help us in this area please let us know. We would love to have you help us and it would make your child’s day!
We also model how to give back as we participate in food drives, clothing drives, Christmas Angels, and other philanthropic programs.