About Us

About KidVersity
  • Where we love to learn.

    At Kidversity, we pride ourselves on providing a quality education in a warm, safe and educational environment ensuring each child advances to his/her potential in all areas of development leading to a successful transfer to school. We treat each child and parent with kindness and respect, while being responsive to individual developmental needs and learning styles. We strive to provide stability and support to the children in our care and their families in order to form a team!
  • Education through experience.

    We know that learning is not a one size fits all. We believe the growth of a child is rooted in their experiences. Every child learns and grows at different rates and through different methods. At Kidversity we take that knowledge and run with it. Through the utilization of various tools and activities we are able to teach and expand your child’s intellectual and social foundation.

  • The most fun foryour child.

    At Kidversity, we want your children to have so much fun in school that they can’t wait to arrive each morning. The excitement of children at our school is the result of a team effort. Each one of our teachers is passionate about molding children into life-long learners. The activities and social environment they are put in brings them joy, positive reinforcement, and pure excitement for school and learning. We utilize technologies that are proven to create a fun learning environment so they understand now that learning is an important aspect of life.

    • I love KidVersity! I know my little girls are in a safe environment where they are constantly building the foundation that will prepare them for grade school.

      – Tyler Moore